June 21st, 2006


More Amazingness

Since everyone seemed to enjoy our Yummy Yami Cake picture story, we figured we'd post the other YuGiOh picture story we did last year. It's the first one we ever did~!

This picture story is the eventual conclusion of what happens when codename_windy and I cosplay together. This is also what broke the internet last September. We got a rediculous number of hits, all in less than a week. You can't see it anymore since the cosplayfucks community is gone now, but there was a huge uproar with people battling it out over our cosplay. Of course, they had nothing specific to complain about costume-wise... they were just really, really upset by our picture story.

Which of course means you should all love it. >3

Malik's Adventures at NDK '05

And just to make you all even more amused, I work at a comic book store, and we had a dealer booth... and the two of us worked it in costume. Somewhat in character. Wheeeee! Enjoy.
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