June 15th, 2006

Keyboard death

Look, an update with YGO

Since I was feeling particularly crappy a few weeks ago, I was out shopping with my mom and I hit YGO paydirt over at K-Mart. I think my mom was embarrassed that her 23 yr. old daughter was squealing like a 2 year old about a 'kids cartoon' *chuckles*

I bought every party supply item, even some cute party favors like making your very own Millennium Puzzle to wear (OMG, I can pretend to be Yugi now!) And these little projector things that even has different slides of Dark Magician and Exodia that shines on the wall.

And I found a YGO squishy pillow! So much love for my Yami squishy pillow. It sleeps with me every night. (Let's see, I have Yami and Edward Elric all over my bed. Who else can say they're sleeping with 2 hot guys every night?)

Also, I come bearing art. I thought it was fitting now that the series is over *weeps*

The original line art from my sketchbook is here

And the finished work is here

The lyrics are from Placebo's "Sleeping With Ghosts". It's the first picture I christened my tablet with too.
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[If this is too off-topic, I beg forgiveness ^^; *bows*]

ygo_novella is now up an running!

Yes, that's right. apollymi and I are running a Yuugiou Novella Challenge. Anyone who wishes to participate should visit the official Novella Challenge page, read the rules and join the community (this is how we will be making announcements and updates as the challenge rolls along). The challenge starts now and runs until December 15; all entries will be up on the site by December 18 for reading and voting, and results will be available February 15, 2007.
ToS ☆ SLAP!, ToS ☆ Sisterly love.

Advertisement for a New(ish) Role Play

Yuugiou: Butterfly Effect
The smallest change can alter the course of events.

Every action has a reaction; the smallest shift can lead to the largest change. A single butterfly that flaps its wings in Africa causes a hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean; the chaos theory asks the question of just what might happen to the world because of an event or change. Yuugiou: Butterfly Effect explores this possibility by means of changes within each character.

Everything went, largely, as it would have naturally. Mutou Yuugi solves the Millennium Puzzle, leading to his becoming friends with Jounouchi Katsuya and Honda Hiroto. But, where the events are the same, the circumstances could, very well, be different. What if? What if Jounouchi Katsuya hadn't been born as a boy? What if Kaiba Seto and Kaiba Mokuba were never adopted by Kaiba Gozaburo? What if Bakura Amane had never died? What would happen to the world of Yuugiou if these changes were put into effect?

It is Yuugiou, with a twist.

Characters Available

"Earth Shakers"

Well, I've been watching a few episodes of Sailor Moon with the Sailor Starlights, if anyone knows who they are. But what I noticed was something about Sailor Uranus (also known as Haruka or Amara in the dub). She's really cool, by the way.

So I wanted to ask if she looks more like Jonouchi or Seto Kaiba. It's the hair, you know? I say Jonouchi, but she still does really rememble Seto.

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