June 14th, 2006

Sasuke Blush

it's like mexico...you can't hold it in.

I've watched Yugioh from the begining:
I must say this, but is it just me or did the last epsiode of yugioh sucked balls. I mean it started really good, when Yami- or uptum what ever! started to leave and his cape appeared, but it ended with everyone running out of the cave and it cave-in when they were out-side......

and it ended with Joey saying, "Tat's better"

Wat the hell was that! I expected something surpriseing was going to happening. I don't know like a hindu walking by or something! AHH!!!
(sorry if I affended anyone)
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azureshipping - back to back

File it under crack

So like many other 'Net-savvy users, I get junk mail. Actually, I get mail I signed up for, or from a site I bought stuff from once upon a Millennium Item, and they still send me stuff. Most of the time, I just delete it without even looking, but for the first time in a long while I had what you could call a "random cracktastic Yu-Gi-Oh-related sighting." I hear Internet companies want to "personalize" their online experience and "learn" about their customers based on things like survey results, search data, cookies, and so forth. Think maybe this one company's catching on?

The email: from a FactoryDirect computer supply place
The product: Aluminum notebook case
The relation: It looks just like Kaiba's notebook case zOMG!

Ah yes, Kaiba's "real" briefcase is Duralumninum, a tougher version of the stuff airplanes are made of, which explains why he's able to deflect bullets with it, jump out of windows with it, and who the hell knows what else.

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But still. I could so see Kaiba walking around with a giant case of... well, he's done Duel Monsters cards, and he's probably done the laptop; why not a case of millions of dollars or yen? Heck, knowing him, a little bit of every major economy's money, marked and dated according to year and value... (kind of like Dr. Brown from Back to the Future)

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WTF happened to YGO EXAMS?

I must say, I'm disappointed. Usually, in my exams at the end of the year, I spot something that I can make, in my mind, into something YuGiOh related.
Examples include multi-million pound companies and people called Joseph. But in these, my ACTUAL final exams? Nothing. Nil. Zilch. Not even a trading card mentioned, or a stupid name.
Perhaps the people at the examining board realised that people were getting distracted by the dice games they mentioned, and removed all traces of anime - or at least of YuGiOh.

Then again, in my english creative writing exam? I did manage to turn the examiner into Shaadi. Not in so many words, but let's just say soul rooms were involved.
I wonder if the person who marks it is a fan...?

I hope they are. I did write in big letters on my 'working out page' "OMG YGO ENDED! 10TH JUNE IN AMERICA!" If they don't spot that...
Well, then I'm failing, aren't I?

/ygo madness
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azureshipping - back to back


Okay, it's a quiz. On Quizilla. And I slaved over the pictures for the results, so I really hope you like it.
There's only a few questions (about 6-7, I think), but there are spoilers for anime, manga: both versions. How much of a Yu-Gi-Oh fan are YOU? Are you the King of Games? A Major League Duelist? A Gambler? Or just a Sore Loser?

ETA I made it harder! Well, at least, I thought so. So far 29 people have taken it, and 27 of them (including me) got "King of Games!" I'm both happy and sad, because while everyone here seems to be very smart, it could be my quiz that's very stupid! So I added some (hopefully) challenging questions with some tricks to them- see if you can get it right now!

If you ever want to ask about any of the quiz questions, let me know.

And after you take the quiz, PLEASE RATE IT! :D :D :D

How much of a Yu-Gi-Oh Fan are you?

KING OF GAMES! Or Queen, whichever you prefer. But you ACED this one! You're a true Yu-Gi-Oh fan!
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

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Take the quiz and find out... and post your results here! (If too many people get "King of Games" I'll be sure to make it harder!)
Suggestions (for a harder quiz!), comments, and ratings after you've taken the quiz (at Quizilla.com) would be greatly appreciated, as it's only my second attempt at making a Quizilla quiz in a VERY long time.

Have fun! (and please don't take offense if you get "sore loser"...)
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