June 13th, 2006


Anyone into football?

Geesh. I swear, my whole country's going crazy like there's no tomorrow. The Source of Evil cause: FIFA World Cup 2006. That said, here, have an epiphany between my cousins and I as we talked about it this weekend. And of course, it involves YuGiOh!. otherwise I wouldn't be posting it here, nee? ^^ // end smartass

Cous: *dances because Germany's just won the first game* Where's my friggin FLAG??? (at this time, the streets were overloaded with honking cars, fans and them waving our national flag. Uhmyes.)

Me: Dunno? Who am I, your personal maid?

Cousin2 from the kitchen: Aww, don't be like this! You'd find it easliy anyway!

Me: *blinks* Uh, why?

Cousin 2: Because... *dramatic pause* it looks like Yuugis hair! Go search BLACK-RED-GOLD!!! (*cheers*)

Me: *bangs head*

Cous:(after a long pause) Sooo... Yuugi's supporting Germany?

Me: *nursing poor broken brain*

Erm, yes. Of course, I fail at taking our national pride-display of flags seriously now. Will perhaps for the rest of the WorldCup. Damn.
Following tidbits of conversation included a question which other YGO characters would support which team and show it, too, and the realization that Kaiba'd probably buy his team of choice just to make them wear the blue and white KaibaCorp/BEWD colours and look entirely too smug about it (well, if he was into sports first. Or perhaps just to one-up Yuugi on this ^^)

What do you think?
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AX and more Crack Cosplay

Remember how I posted and said me and some friends would be cosplaying as YGO cards for AX? Well due to us being lazy that idea died sadly. But, with the death of one idea came a new one: Background Duelist! :D As many duelist as there were during Battle City I thought it would be amusing to walk around with a duel disk, so if anyone of you were looking forward to me wearing a big poster I'm sorry. Hopefuly this new "cosplay" will be as amusing.

Also, I've been needing to brush up on my drawing skills so if anyone going to AX would like me to do some YGO art for you just let me know. (warning:as you ask me, I suck as an artist though my friends have said different.)