June 12th, 2006

dissidia: ex core

W-wait a sec, do you mean to tell me...

That the dub of Yu-Gi-Oh JUST ended in the United States?! FOR REAL?! HOLY CRAP x_x How slow could 4Kids be? Then again, I'm guessing that since they were losing their prized series they wanted to drag it on as long as possible. But man, what a way to drag something out.

Anyway, how was the dub ending? I saw some complaints that they skipped some stuff at the end. Where exactly did they cut off? Did they even show the shot of Kaiba in his jet?

Heh, I probably would've watched the dub till the end... had I not stumbled upon certain sites detailing the cuts made in each episode. I got so sickened that I boycotted the dub after awhile. But it was a good series while it lasted... I just wish it could've been subbed fully. IMO, Yu-Gi-Oh has gott really unfair treatment by the anime community. I think a lot of people base their judgements of it on the dub, which is hardly fair at all.

But those're just my thoughts ^_^ I almost miss being a Yu-Gi-Oh fan...
  • ysabet

Hello? Greetings from a newbie...

Just found about this community.  Think I'm in loooove.  Errr-- hi!  YGO fan (duhh), gradually working my way through the subs (am currently watching somewhere around 105 or 106 or so).  Mother Goddess on a Pogostick, they DO take a long time to play the things, don't they?  And WHY does Kaiba feel the need to tower above the city incessantly, i.e. tall buildings, Blimps O' Doom, helicoptors, etc.?  Just curious.  I mean, besides the obvious and all.

Oh-- I write fanfics.  Am currently heavily involved in a Kaitou Kid-YGO crossover fic titled 'Shuffle' (the Kid is from the series 'Detective Conan' for those of you out there that are not murder-mystery anime freaks like me).  Bizarre fic, I admit; frozen tuna, nine tic-tac-toe games, lots of other stuff; chapter 5 has just been posted, along with several omakes.  You can find it here if you'd like to take a look, but please don't beat me for the Rain of Scapegoats thing:  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2812426/1/

Anyway... nice to meet y'all!