June 11th, 2006


How in the name of YAMI did this happen to me?

I'd seen the YGO ending about a month ago, due to an anomaly which meant we got it in England first.
And now, reading about it all again... I'm all tearful and crying, and...my parent's are telling me to stp squeaking at the computer again.

Some things will never change.
sewn together // touyayukito


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In every story there are times when you ask yourself 'what if something different happened here?' In most stories you never recieve the answer to this question. However, in ygo_bookofdays, we may recieve an answer. This new Yu-Gi-Oh! roleplay explores the different possiblity and outcomes of situations we all know quite well. It begins the night Yuugi Motou completed the Sennen Puzzle and unleased the spirit within. In this roleplay we shall begin where the story began and span on to go through many different adventures, many familiar adventures, each time taking a different path the one we know from canon in order to see where we wind up and how different the story could have been. Dare you find out where this path will lead?


Wicked + Yu-Gi-Oh! = OMG SO MUCH LUFF.

Who here has seen Wicked, or read the book, or both?

Well, for those who have, or haven't, here's this one song that I absolutely love that made me think, "This would be a pretty nice YGO! love song."

So, here are the lyrics, along with the pairing I thought would deliver the best performance of singing it. It works great with any pairing, really, but I just chose this one 'cuz I have a bias. XD

As Long as You're Mine
from the musical "Wicked"

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