June 10th, 2006


Based on Last Episode

Alright, once again this is a little critique on the episode!

-Close to the end Isis' eyes were green. (wtf)

-Who else thought that Atemu should of cried, hugged Yugi or somthing.

-Yugi's last words were just um...yeah

-Mokuba:"We should've sold tickets to this" XD

-Anyone else feel shaky after that?

-Anyone happen to have a subbed last episode with all the extras??

-Its really been 5 year?!

-Yugi sounds like Mickey Mouse

-Joey exspects too much for the end

-Everyone was cute crying.

Ands thats all i got. Don't worry everyone we still have the manga to go through! (i do anyway) I now have no reason to get up to watch Saturday cartoons anymore.

Now if you'll excuse me, i need somthing get me out of this melancholy.
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azureshipping - back to back

Ra's Dental work and the final dub episode

Ah, *sniffle sniffle* It's all over. Many of us probably saw (and/or read) the last episode back when it was new in Japan --or new-ish, considering our need for subtitles (some of the time). But even if we hate Kids WB or the new VAs, we still watched. And now... it really is it. Or was it. Anyway.

So what's up with Ra, anyway? This is something that's been bothering me ever since Ra first showed up in the series. Does Ra have teeth or not? In the opening sequence (for the final season), it has no teeth. But in the show itself, Ra does have teeth... most of the time, I think. I always thought the dubbers added the teeth in to make Ra look more menacing, because otherwise, it's just a shiny gold bird-dragon (and birds don't have teeth, afaik). But I'm looking in Gospel of Truth, and in the color image insert, Ra has teeth! I can't remember if it has teeth when it appeared in the normal manga, but it bugs me-- does it have teeth or not!?

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moe face

A wibbly hello

Ummm, Hi!
Am I the only one that spent most of the morning nearly in tears because they knew Yugioh would be ending?
And you know what stinks? Atem died on my sister's birthday. So she had to deal with me being emo and crying all over the floor. Good thing my dad wasn't there to see me...
Has anyone here ever been on Yugioh withdrawal?
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Nya. So I'm standing there in the middle of the living room, watching everyone sobbing on the TV, waitng to hear everyone's final words...
And then my father begins calling from the other room:
"I just don't get it. Have you seen my flash drive? I could have sworn I put it down right here."
"Oh, nevermind."
And then I turn back to the TV and just manage to grasp someone saying something like, "Yeah, got that right," and then credits came up. And my father mumbles, "Ohhh, now I remember. I must have left it a work." I wanted to throw the remote against the wall and scream, "AAAGGGGGHH! I JUST MISSED THE LAST FEW seconds OF THE LAST EPISODE OF YU-GI-OH! DAMN YOU!"

So, erm, this is going to bother me. I know it's trivial, but does any know what the last few lines were?
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