June 9th, 2006

azureshipping - back to back

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So for WikiFic, the Ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh Encyclopedia, one of the biggest sections of the site is the Shipper's List. Last night I managed to develop a template which would make all the pairing pages look roughly the same; the problem is that I need information to fill in about all the pairings I know nothing about. I have information from shippers_club about the first incarnation of the shipper's list, but little else. This is where you come in.

I need:
-The origins of each pairing. Who came up with the name, and why does the name make sense? When was the name created?
-10 Authors who write Fic for each pairing.
-10 Fics (one by each of the above authors, if possible) for each pairing.
-5 Fanfiction.net C2s somehow related to each pairing (if there aren't this many for the pairing, that's okay too. But I've noticed there tend to be duplicates of pairing-related C2s, or at least C2s that overlap one another).
-5 Sites somehow related to each pairing (fanlistings, shrines, fansites, whatever).

And, being an Azureshipper, that's really the only pairing of the 500+ that I've actually finished (minus images and the like). I know we've got Shippers of all colors, flavors, and kinks on this here community, so please help me out! Even if you can only provide one piece of information (i.e. a really good Puzzleshipping fic, a well-known Darkshipper author, a shrine devoted to Angstshipping), let me know!

Better yet, if YOU are a fan/author/website creator/etc. of any pairing, sign up for WikiFic and let your pairing's presence on the site be known!

ETA: Thank you to everyone who's helped to contribute so far! I'm far from done, and I hope I can continue to get more help by having people sign up for the site! If you decide to comment here with more information, please speed along our job by...

* Using the official ship names for pairings, not Name1/Name 2, because if I don't know the name for the pairing off the top of my head, it'll make it harder to find. Also, please refrain from using fanon names (e.x. Rumorshipping). There are probably several accepted pairing names that are not yet on the official list, or I haven't caught the latest update, so if you know the name of a pairing that I may have missed, do let me know ASAP.
-Rishid/Shizuka, for example...

* Including direct links to profiles, whether they're on LJ, FFnet, or elsewhere. FFnet profiles should use their userid (fanfiction.net/u/12345) and not their name (~azurite), because those links can expire.

* If you recommend an author, please recommend and link to at least one fanfic by that author.

* If you recommend a C2 or a fansite, include both a link AND A NAME of the C2/Site. If the site is a shrine or fanlisting, please indicate that as well.

* Save yourself typing time-- I only need the number I specified above. I realize some pairings are very popular and thus have lots of fic writers and fics written for them, but for the pairings that DON'T, I want to have the template stay the same. So I'm limiting ALL pairings/groups to 10 authors, 10 fics BY THOSE AUTHORS, 5 C2s, and 5 Fansites. More links can be added in the Discussion section of each pairing page.

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Kaiba Corps what happens after the cameras are off

It's Yuugi's birthday and as Kaiba's game tester he has to test out Kaiba's new Virtual World game. Little does Yuugi know on Lv 5 all of them are waiting to throw him a Virtual Party. However, a Tri - Horn Dragon, separates Yami no Yuugi and Yuugi. Of course, the safely switch fails to work and all of our heros have to get out of the Virtual World..

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Taken characters: Seto Kaiba, Mokuba Kaiba, Yuugi, Yami no Yuugi, Anzu, Mai, Wheeler, Yami no Bakura and Bakura

We allow GX!

Check us out at:

Openings for co - mods also.. post if you want a character and a resume also if you want a job at Kaiba Corps.

So, this isn't shameless advertising...

Fantasia - Pegasus

O_O *curses*

Not sure if anyone noticed...but when Kaiba was announcing his tournament on the screens in Battle City [episode 5], and insulting everyones intelligence [surprise, surprise] someone in the crowd swears! BWAHAHA..HA..ha..

Kaiba: something, something, something, enough intelligence to show up here...
Randome dude: Fuck yeah! [or something to that effect...]

We re-watched about 6 times, and then got my mother to come see and thats what was said.  Or at least, it sounds very like it!

Please, go see for yourselves and tell us we're not crazy! O___O
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