June 7th, 2006


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So, lately there has been an influx of Crack!Yuugiou movies at YouTube. I have come bearing my favorite one, as of 3 seconds ago. ^^ It's a trailor of Austin Powers in Goldmember but with Yuugiou screenshots.


Hands down, the best part is at the end where Marik and Bakura are...doing that...thing that Dr. Evil and Scotty do, arguing over whether or not Scotty likes chocolate.

Enjoy, fellow crack lovers! ^___^

And if you'd still like more crack, this movie is awesome also!
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Millennium Plastic mold?

I just started my new job at a plastic warehouse and last night I was really tired (I work 11pm to 8am), so when I looked at my screen that lets me know if the mold is ready I see "MIND CRUSH" which broke my brain like woah. After I was done laughing insane like I look again to see that it really said "MIN-CUSH" but either way I was amused. So yep, I have found the Millennium Plastic mold. XD
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