June 4th, 2006

Stand Together

Sorry, Yugi, no presents from me... ;)

Last night we were driving back from a family get-together and I asked my husband, "So is it scary that I know that tomorrow is Yugi's birthday?"

Without even blinking, he said, "No, as long as you didn't go on Amazon, buy him a present, and ship it to wherever it is you think he lives."


I love my husband. And Happy Birthday, Yugi. :)
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YGO + Simpsons = OTP

I don't know how many of you watch The Simpsons, but if you do, you may recall one episode where Lisa goes to the library and complains that there is nothing to read but "something something something and Yu-gi-oh price guides." And then (in a scene that makes the YGO fangirl in me squee) she then stares skeptically at a goofy picture of our beloved Yami Yugi, drawn true Simpsons style.

Does anyone know where I could get this picture? I've scoured the internet, googling and browsing Simpsons and YGO sites until my typing and clicking fingers were worn to the bone. For the sake of strange icons and general YGO crackiness, I must find that picture!
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Malik M. Rashid (Lots of Maliks floating around!)

Do we know Malik's middle name? Does it start with an 'M'?

Because I have discovered one Malik M. Rashid- no kidding. Look here (it's a PDF file):

I think it's his resume?

He apparently lives in New Haven, Connecticut, and studied abroad in Kyoto, Japan. He's fluent in Japanese, and proficient is Bengali... Anyone care to tell where Bengali is? And he's played a role in Romeo and Juliet. I want to see that play now, I think. He likes yoga, ethnic foods, cultural exchange, and world affairs.

..... I'm just going to sit over here and be very amused, excuse me.

Oh! And a man named Yuuji Mutou is apparently the director of a few films. So, so close, yet so far.
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