June 3rd, 2006

cream puffs

one more episode to go!

(I wanted to make one of these huge episode crack discussion posts before the series ends, so there...)


- Ryou dancing with Sugoroku. I wasn't sure whether to squee or just stare blankly. Ryou held his hands in such a gay posture, it was clear he was not the initiator of this dance. But quite happy to go along with it. *squee*

- Isis getting her vision of Mahaado. It just screamed UST. 'I have traveled 3,000 years to sexually frustrate the future incarnation of a woman that I was not able to sleep with in the past. Oh, and to serve you in this duel, of course.'

- Kaiba admitted he was wrong. And the world didn't suddenly end.

- And am I the only one who thought that when Dark Magician got that extra power blast, he looked like he was being fucked up the ass? Especially in that closeup shot.

(and for those attending Akon in Dallas, the final episode of Yugioh will occur while we are there. We should invite a large group of Yugioh fans to watch the show in one hotel room during that half hour. My room. Don't know which one yet. Look for a Bakura and ask me there.)
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Breaks my brain

YGO-sighting... ^^

(Okay, so I wanted to post this since last week mut my PC died on me...)

Last saturday, I visited the huge mall in Hamburg-Billstedt with my sister for extended shopping. And since we just love to shop, it took several hours, so we decided on a break some time, got ice cream and stood outside the frontgates to get some fresh air (it was raining, but still...)

And then there was this little, about four-five year old blond kid standing a bit to the left and crying like mad. I was about to go over and ask what's wrong, since he was by himself... and suddenly the doors fly open, worried-and-mad-as-hell mommy stalks out and grabs the kid:

"MARIK! I told you not to go outside alone!"

... I spent the whole day snickering about that. Heck, I'm still snickering.

and, by the way, that thing inspired my new icon

So, what do we learn? Marik doesn't actually live in a tomb, he lives in a mall. Woohoo!
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cream puffs

I found Seto. He's in Kentucky.

In a moment of absolute boredom (or procrastination, take your pick) - I started doing random name searches in people-search engines on the internet.

Think of it as a Yugioh: Where are they now?

'Seto Kaiba' now lives in Louisville, Kentucky.
There are also several records of a Miho Kaiba, who lives in Seattle. So apparently Seto married Miho, and then divorced her later.

I didn't find any other exact names, though. But there really is someone named Seto Kaiba out there.
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