June 2nd, 2006


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Okay, I am REALLY mad that my latin teacher brought up another yu-gi-oh comparison. Why won't he stop talking about it???? What would you do if your teacher constantly talked about yu-gi-oh????
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You know you wanna...

Over at WikiFic - The Yu-Gi-Oh Encyclopedia, we have this nifty list of Wanted Pages- that is, pages that need to be created and edited, based on content that's already on the site. The more you add, the more we need-- Yu-Gi-Oh is a wide and diverse fandom, and I want the encyclopedia to be as complete as possible! So check out our list of what we're missing, and get ready to:
(1) Go indepth as to your favorite character's personality and past
(2) Link to all the best character or pairing-related sites, fanlistings, and shrines
(3) Upload images and sounds from the anime, manga, video games, or other Yu-Gi-Oh material to make the site as stimulating and appealing as possible
(4) Make WikiFic the one-stop source for Yu-Gi-Oh information-- no more complicated searches.

Feel free to make suggestions as to what we need and what we're missing here.

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You can check out the existing character pages to get an idea of what we're looking for (Primarily, character pages should talk about who the character is, a bit about his or her past and role in the show, and their "vital statistics," such as height, weight, hair color, eye color, and dueling strategy (if any).

You can also see the pages "What links here" to find out where those links come from. Many of the pages make use of REDIRECTS so we don't have too many pages about the same thing. So instead of having 3 different pages (one for Yuugi, one for Yugi Moto, and one for Yuugi Mutou), we put redirects on 2, and have one main page. That's how the encyclopedia should work.

You want to get credit for your contribution, right? Sign up for an account, and when you create or edit a page, there's a button that looks like a signature (2nd one from the right). Click that, and your name will automatically be "signed" to the page so you get credit for your contribution!

Please help us help you! (Also comment if you have any questions, suggestions, rants, etc.)
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You just gotta wonder these questions:

1) What would the Ygo cast do in an Amp'ed phone commercial
2) What would Atemu do for a Klondike bar
((My view))
News Reporter: What would you do for a Klondike bar Pharaoh Atemu?
Atemu: *blink* I would loose a game to Bakura
Bakura: *bat wigs wiggles as they caught the admidsion* Host where can I find these "Klondike Bars?"
Ryou: ........ In the Freezer.

3) Who would suit Barbie better then Ken doll?