May 30th, 2006


Sort of sighting

Lately I've become a Kingdom of Loathing Radio whore and tonight I log on to listen to my favorite DJ but he wasn't on. Well, while listening to the 'new' DJ he says "This is DJ Merik..." and I begin to laugh my ass off. So I guess this is what happened to Merik after the Battle City dub. I always did hear that radio DJs were insane so it works for him no? And as if that wasn't crack enough, my KoL name is Bakura. (Accordion Thief pride yo!)

Sorry for killing anyone's brain again. XD
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My take on Capsule Monsters

Ok, I know we've talked about this till we're sick of hearing it, but I just got it and I haven't had a chance to share my words of encouragement about this (this was x-posted to my personal journal). Also, one many eps are on these dvd's? It says it's 95 mins, which would be - 3 eps a piece or something, right? And there's what - 15 eps (???) according to you who have been fortunate enough to check this stuff out online - lucky :( Anyhow, here's my points on it okies? ^_^

My cousin and I liked the Capsule Monster movie. We both picked on a few things:

#1, if it were in tune with the tv series, the Pharaoh shouldn’t have been able to read the heiroglyphics

#2, the cheese factor in the dialogue should’ve had gotten the writer’s shot for god’s sake *rme* - it was about an 8 of 10 point rictor scale

#3, Lin thought Yami looked very sexy in that armor (…ok, ok, I did too)

#4, that Magical Crossroads attack was tre cool

#5 I was very happy my baby Kuriboh is in it! (bite me kuja_rang :p *sobs* He never gets any respect…he’s too kawaii not to! LOL XD)

#6, I think it’s funny that everyone pretty much gets their key monsters that are in their normal decks except for Tristan and forgive me but can someone please tell me the name of that yellow monster. It starts with a “K” but I forget the rest of it though. I know the purple one is Electric Lizard. #7 Did anyone notice they did the “yugioh” yell like once when they merged? #8, I like the voice given to Dark Magician! Very nice! ^_~*

#9, Lin thought it was funny how many times Tristan kept changing his monster’s name XD

#10 – and it just sounded weird hearing the Pharaoh calling Yugi’s Grandpa Grandpa *twitch*

#11 – that part with Island Turtle when he growled after Joey and Tristan did their lil can-can dance was hilarious! XD It was like he was saying “Shut the fuck up with that noise. I’m getting out of here man…”

#12 – the look on Neo Aqua Madoor’s face when he got blasted by La Jinn’s attack was totally priceless XD

Ok...I'm happy now. Looking forward to the next DVD of this...

You can always count on KidsWB to bring the crack

Whoever thought this stuff up is either brilliant or insane.

Poor Yugi can't even get a burger without Yami butting in. This ties with the Orange Happy juice as my personal favorite.

And you know between the Orange Happy juice and this crazy take I'm starting to think Joey really has it in for Yugi.

In this one Yami learns what we've been saying all along. To shut up and make a move!

Finally we all learn proper theater etiquette.
azureshipping - back to back

And the word is "Rod"

When two PTDCers pass in the hallways of a crowded con, how do they know each other? Easy- when someone mentions a broken Rod and the other person starts laughing like a maniacal Egyptian.

Yeah, that was me cosplaying Anzu -and laughing like a maniacal Egyptian though I *DID* try to stifle it!- (though I also go by Azurite or my username here, the_sweet) at FanimeCon 2k6 in San Jose, CA and I met up with confictionery, who cosplayed Malik, and her friend who cosplayed Yuugi. (I hope I got that order right). And I even have some pictures, including some of past Fanime and Yu-Gi-Oh cosplayers. Check them out here, at my Scrapbook.

You can also contribute to my scrapbook my commenting/emailing me and helping me fill in the gaps with pictures of Fanime Con or other Yu-Gi-Oh cosplayers I may have missed.
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tristeza v2.0

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Hows this for some crack.

Playing YGO nightmare trubador and came across this card called "unity" which to my level 2 judge knowledge, doesn't exsist IRL. So I thought "Fuck it" and put it into my deck.

Dox of the paradox brothers challanges me to a shadow duel as per usual night time journy.

Now, with Unity and Doxs abuse of Labaryth wall I got my Flame Cerberus up to 9600 DEF points.

What he attacked me with had 1500 ATK.

I did 8100 points of damage, in a single play. Oh dear.. Trist wins.

Shadow Duelist my ass!