May 28th, 2006

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Lurk + Post = Intro!

Hi, I don't think I've actually ever introduced myself on this community, 'cause frankly, I post to things and then kind of forget about them for months. ^_^; But hopefully I'll try to post on this community regularly. I'm known around the web as Honda Katsuya, and probably as the biggest fan of the Honda/Jounouchi pairing (or at least, I haven't found any sites for them other than my own and my silent honda_x_jou community, though my presence has waned while I was in college. Needless to say, the spiky brunet and fluffy blond boys are my favorites, and I alternately call them Tristan/Honda or Joey/Jounouchi, whatever mood I'm in. I've seen the entire series in Japanese but I haven't seen all the dub episodes because the station won't come in here.

My favorite episodes ever in the series are the DK Dub episodes "Dueling Monkey" and "Trial By Red Eyes" ... or as I like to call them, "Tristan's Puberty Phase" since that was the arc that Sam Regal left as Tristan's VA and was replaced by the much deeper voiced Frank Frankson/John Campbell ^_^

(and he seemed much cooler from that point forward... as opposed to the dorky Sam Regal voice, but I still love 'im)

My favorite quote ever: "Aww, isn't he cute when he's thinking?" Tristan to Joey, episode 1. I love the dub for random things like that. ^_^

'kay I'll shut up now. :)
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Today I was struck with an idea.

An idea that frazzled my mind.

The PlayTheDamnCard Crack YVD tournament.

The idea is simple, create the most obscure deck idea you can, and we'll pit each other against one another to see whos crack is more potent.. in effect.

Of course because YVD is oh so temprimental about connections Hamachi is also a must to ensure we have no forfits due to "refused" connections.

And who knows, if this works maybe we'll do a real deck tourny sometime ;).
If your interested then comment.. now.

I know this'll fail hardcore, but hey, its worth an attempt