May 26th, 2006

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Like I do everyday, I checked my junk mail messages before deleting them, in case there was something important in there by mistake. So as I was reading down the list, on one advertising 'Professional Financing at low rates' I noticed the name of the sender was 'Mai'. Which was funny enough, until I noticed the last name of 'Mai' was 'Wheeler'. X3
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Doctor Who: OT3

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A few months ago, there was a post here about a (Geocities?) site where you could download the first series of Yuugiou. I think it was fansubbed. I had a different computer then, and have since lost the bookmark. Does anyone remember that site?

I finally got to watch Yuugiou last week for the first time in weeks. "WHOA WTF OMG" was my reaction. I didn't realize so much had happened since I last watched it. Um... I sobbed for half of it. I'm really NOT HAPPY about it being so close to the end. ;___; (Am kicking myself SO hard for looking up spoilers last year. ¬.¬ I'm an idiot, yes.)
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spn - dean feels good


Hay /ptdc/. It's been a while.

I was bored, and decided to show you all a cracktastic little doodle I did. :B

It's of my interpretation of human!Zork, and the fact that apparantly, he likes breasts. -points to MistressMinako- It's her fault, really.

But regardless.

The first image of Zork (which I may or may not have posted here, I can't recall), and then the doodle. Which, by the way, took very little time.

Original Zork

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Hey everyone. Wow... been a LONG time since I've been here... Been busy as hell with work, and haven’t had much to say, so I kinda died. But I'm coming back to the dead cause I got something to say now.

Ok, so I work in the Electronics Dept. at a WalMart, and while straightening the DVD's isle a certain DVD caught my eye. It was a Yu-Gi-Oh DVD, but it was one I had NEVER seen or heard of before. It's called, "Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters" Now my first thought on that when I saw that was it was from the first series of YGO released in Japan, but one look at the cover told me otherwise because of the way Yami/Atem was drawn. Anyway, make a long story short, has anyone else ever heard of this? If so, does anyone know where I can find screencaps from it, because I certainly have NEVER seen screencaps from this.

I'm not completely sure what it's about, cause the summary on the back doesn't tell much. The summary goes like this:

In a remote area thousands of miles from Egypt lies a great pyramid that contains an incredible secret: a portal to another dimension! The World of the Capsule Monsters!

It's a battle for survival as Yugi trades in his Duel Disk for a Capsule Shooter in a life-threatening challenge that is so much more than just a game!

I almost bought it to see what it was all about, but then I looked at the back and saw it was only the English version, so it wasn't worth it. Specially since for just a few bucks more I can get the DVD on-line with both the English and Japanese versions. If anyone else is interested, here's a site where you can get it:

On that site it says it's a movie, but I dunno. So yeah, if anyone knows about this and know where I can find screenshots please let me know cause I'd like to check this out a bit more.
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Forgive me, I'm insane

So, talking to my friend while doing some colouring when this happened:

Swiftknife Raven: I'm colouring that Malik pic and there's some unwritten law that he must have something purple on. ^^
Antzdrake: LOL
Antzdrake: i think i know what you mean
Antzdrake: its like a gundam without any giant robots

Now whenever someone asks why Malik wears that purple belly shirt thingy I'm so saying this. XD Sorry breaking anyones brain.
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