May 23rd, 2006

let's hit the road dear friend of mine。


While cresselia and I were having a bit of a chat, we both came to the realization.
I work on a Mac, and she on a Windows computer, and the two operating systems don't tend to like each other very well at all. We keep having connection problems with each other, and things just don't like to transfer. And well, with all the snarking they have with each other, let along the users of both apparently loving to insult and fight with other at almost any chance they get. After taking this into account, we realized this:

Mac and Windows are just like Seto and Jounouchi.
And that is all. :D

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Some GX Fanfiction

Here's some fanfiction for you. One of them has been up for a while, but the other one is all new.

Falling Into Pieces
Cheating death comes with a heavy price. [Daitokuji oneshot]

Opened His Eyes
He opened his eyes and discovered that he was alive. [Daitokuji oneshot]

Please leave a review if you liked them, as I always like to get new feedback.
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My plan for lurking is failing me. XDD

So, I was watching the CapMon 90-minute special preview yesterday. (Well, I actually managed to forget about it, and remembered at 9 PM, and started watching it, and because of it, didn't get any of my homework done, but it was worth it. 8D)

Personally, I think it was majorly on crack. o___0 And I went on a little cap-spree, because I couldn't resist, and now, made some icons. XDD


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First of all - thank you, everyone who replied to my last post; I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to reply to all your comments. T___T They were all very helpful! *distributes cookies*

Second of all...

snarechan and I were discussing how it'd be cool if Thief Bakura had an earring. We all know the pharaoh had those big gold ones, but we couldn't remember if we'd ever seen Bakura wearing any. This led me to a screenshot hunt... which then led to the following horrible realization:

Thief Bakura has no ears.

I've not found a single screenshot yet in which you can see so much as a hint of ear, never mind whether or not he had any ear-jewelry on.

And so I bring this to you, fellow fans of crack, and dare beg you to prove me wrong. XD