May 21st, 2006

I *heart* my yami

Rocky Horror Yugioh!

Behold! The ultimate in CRACK! The Rocky Horror Yugioh!

sing: I wanna go... To the fan subbed, double feature, Yugioh...

(read it now, because my webspace will disappaear in a few weeks, and I have yet to find new inexpensive space so I can move it elsewhere.)

by the way, if anyone is going to Akon in June, and interested in randomly performing sections of this, do let me know. We might be able to do something cracky and fun on a Friday night entertaining people while they wait in line for a concert or something!
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Lookit what I found! In OK,no less!

So. I live in the GREAT *hack* state of Oklahoma. :D My Dad wanted to take me shopping yesterday for clothes and I found some Otogi pants for my A-kon cosplay. 8D~ But what I wasn't expecting to find?

Collapse )

They had a Yuugiou Stickers Treasure kit,but Dad didn't get it. ;; He got me all the posters,though~! That just surprised me. It was a bunch of Yuugiou posters and BRITNEY SPEARS posters. :| They go so well,eh? XD But yes. My dad even found a Cosmo and Wanda cake mold there. AND A POKEMON MAGICAL CLOCK FROM THE POKEMON CENTER IN NEW YORK. ;___; I was in nerd heaven yesterday~! @_@

So if you're ever in Oklahoma and you want to find some nice Yuugiou stuff,go to a Wall's. :D
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