May 18th, 2006

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A fangirl's plea for help. D:

Anyone knowledgable of YGO doujinshi might want to read this.

For a while now, I've been wondering what the picture in my icon is from. I've seen it used in a few other icons and stuff, but. I have no clue if it's from a doujinshi or what. T____T A slightly bigger version of the pic is here. So... would anybody happen to know what it's from? ;;

Any kind of help would be much appreciated. If doujinshi of this pairing actually exists, I will be a very very happy fangirl. .______. Especially if scans of said doujinshi exist. Homg. *flail.*
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Duelling - Odd Surprise @@

Well I've been playing with a Macrocosmos deck since EOJ was out in Japanese. Recently, I joined pojo to which I upped my Macrocosmos deck. I then got a PM stating that they had a nice surprise when they copied my Macro deck and tested it out. Notice that they said they intend to use it competitivly down at Comic Odyssey, which I take to be some sort of team? Perhaps someone can fill me in on this.

For a screenshot, click here.

Netdecking was posted on pojo as being:

I consider the term “Netdecking” to mean that you look up a decklist on the Internet,, or other Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan site, and then copy it. Card for card.

This leads me to my next point. Original players like to say netdecking is odd, but as someone who has been netdecked, I feel somewhat proud. Odd, isn't it?

It's one person, but still... * dances happily *

* member's name removed to protect identity *