May 14th, 2006


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...and once again! I manage to relate Yugioh to something COMPLETELY UNRELATED!

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To the unenlightened:

THIS ( is a Banbrian, and what we were discussing was the new Zoids series called Genesis that is floating around in Japan at the moment. And at one point, one of the characters named Ron self destructs his own Zoid WITH A HOLOGRAM OF HIMSELF.

Wtfplz :o
Sasuke Blush

May 5-7: acen 2006

 Dis is OUR yugioh group, I am the Joey who is proudily holding a yaoi paddle!

Awwww! Look at the happy Couple!
(Just kidding, please don't me..)

Back in time:
I am not in here, but it's such a kick ass picture!
These are my friends.

GO rainbow power!

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