May 10th, 2006

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So I listened to the Dan Green podcast thing today. Then I played it for my boyfriend who is also a fan. After listening to the entire thing my boyfriend asked, "what does this guy look like."

So we scrounged search engines and couldn't find a picture of the man.

Thus we have reached this conclusion: Dan Green has no face.

I wonder, what must it be like to be a man without a face? To know that people can never see what you look like.

So here's a contest. First person to find me a picture of Dan Green gets that image made into an icon for them.

One. Two. Three. Go!
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Sai: Tee hee!

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I'm currently writing a fic about Mokuba putting his deck together. Thing is, I've never actually played the Card Game That Ate Chicago, much less constructed a deck, so I'm not quite sure about which cards, specifically, it would be best to include.

I was thinking that he'd have monsters that weren't necessarily the strongest in terms of attack or defense points, but would pack a nasty punch in terms of effects, and of course I'd need to include whatever magic/equipment cards which complemented those monsters, as well as trap cards for defense, but... like I said, I'm not sure about the specific cards. Any suggestions?
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My, what pretty nails you have....

Well, I decided that it's about time that I provided some crack, in exchange for all those times that I laughed like a maniac at all the awesome-ness that has been posted here. :D

Well, me and amiasha were in the middle of a spam-fest, and we suddenly started talking about how awesome Yami's fingers are, long and thin. (Yes, I fangirl his fingers. XDD)

And thus, this was born:

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And now, I return to lurking. 8D
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