May 9th, 2006

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Takahashi Q&A, Kaiba edition

I recently translated the first half of the interview with Takahashi in the YGO "Gospel of Truth" character guidebook. (The first half, because those are the Kaiba-related questions, and I am nothing if not hopelessly obsessed with everyone's favorite asshole CEO. Who Takahashi persistently calls "Seto," adorably enough. Well, he's talking about Gozaburo, too, so it might get confusing otherwise. But still. Aww.)

What Takahashi has to say about KaibaCorp, Kaiba's relationship with Gozaburo, and whether Yugi and Seto are friends.

If anyone's interested, I might do the rest of the interview, which answers questions about Sugoroku, Pegasus, the themes of the manga and whether it matters if you win or lose (and whether this means Jounouchi can be considered strong), and how happy Takahashi is that YGO's a big hit in America.

Incidentally, I have an extra copy (used) of the guidebook up for grabs - it'd be $20 by paypal for anyone who wants it (sorry for the exorbitant fee, I'd be shipping it from Japan and that gets pricey). Comment w/ your email if you want it, first come first serve. It's black & white with a few color prints, 300 pg, all in Japanese, of course.

shamelessly pimping Art. ... uhm, I mean, hi, how are you?

*blinks* Huh, my entry from yesterday seems to have vanished. Doesn't matter though, it was kinda stupid anyway.

However, I come bearing a random 'YGO-sighting'. And some fanart.

Talked to my friend Toshi yesterday. He's going to introduce me to a relative visiting him in a few weeks; and his name is Katsuya.
Me: *OMFGdedliekwhoa! spazzes*
Toshi: *sighs* Why am I not surprised? -___-*

So, uhm, yay for japanese friends. I'm looking forward to meet this Katsuya-san. Will have to brush up my language skills, though, because I doubt I can talk to him in German much. ^^ *bounces*

About the art: posted two pics at our shared writing/art journal jumping_spheres.

YuGiOh!-characters rena-style and a somewhat crack genderbending pic. (Which is NOT my fault)

However, go and take a look and comment, pleeeaaase!!!1!one! *is such a review-ho*. Beware of girly-looking Yuugi, Seto being harassed by dragons, doggie-Jou (because that joke's long become a Classic XD), Monsters and a way to happy Chibi-Siegfried. I think someone fed him drugs Heh.

That is all.

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So, I'm sure this has been posted before, but it's simply too golden not to post again.

Ladies and gentlemen (*cough* all three of them...), I give you proof that Kaiba/Jounouchi, Yami/Yuugi and other pairings are canon. *cough*

According to Dan Green, anyway...

For those of you who don't know, Dan Green is the man behind the voice of both Yami no Yuugi and Yuugi. :) And even he thinks they're gay. *shot*

Lemme know if the link expires.

[EDIT:] And an icon, because I can...
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