May 7th, 2006

Slerra - You'll never be alone
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ZOMG11! Yuugi Feet!

"Now Yuugi your feet belong's to me!"

Proof that I definately need a hearing aid upon watching the YGO Dub, but hey, Tis OOOLD YGO At Pegasus's crappy princess castle and the horrible animation, Kaiba's eyes freak me out, He looks like he's eight years old or something...

*Wants to stab dubbed Anzu, Also wants to poke Ryou into being more active rather than standing around being adorably poofy and cute*

And yea...Dubbed YGO Amuses me to no end, not that we didn't know that before...

"I'm determined to take you down when you're at your hardest!" o__0" *Pokes the dub writers* You're trying to break my brains aren't you?

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XD Pokemon FireRed amuses me so much...

So I found my Gameboy Advance SP last night, so I decide to plug in good old FireRed...and on one of the routes, there's a bunch of bikers who use poison-types. Well, there's a trainer.
Named Biker Malik.
Who has Poison-types.
Which, of course, made me laugh my ass off.
Which made my mom look at me.
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