May 6th, 2006

Liz - I drew a SHARK 8D

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Horray! Zork and his dragon crotchbelly has been defeated! 8D Fruit Juice all around!

Hahahah anyway.

So the five part ceremonial duel is being called 'YGO End Game'.

Does that sound creepy to anyone else? XD Like, after this game will come the end of existence?

Just thinking. XD

EDIT: Also, what do you think they'll do after the final five episodes? I know it won't be on come September, but where does that leave the summer?

I say they should replay some of the better battles. 8D Like Vs. Dartz, Vs. Malik, you know, the really important battles.

Today's Episode


I was worried they were gonna totally kill it, and name him Arthur, or something. ^^;

And THANK GOD, Zork's gone. And Halakti was pretty. Wonder if they'll make a trading card of her...?

But alas, only five episodes left. T_T Ah, hell.
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Doctor Who: OT3

A question + art.

I am horrible for always forgetting, because Bakura Amane is my favourite character, but... is she Ryou's younger or older sister? I know there's a guidebook out there, but I can't remember if it gives her age! If her age is not given, I want to play around with it in a story I'm writing.

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