May 3rd, 2006


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Okay. So, you guys have heard the 'Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better' song from Annie Get Your Gun, right? (You can catch it on YouTube here if you haven't.)

Who would Kaiba be? Annie or Frank?
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Godwin Ikari

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Because I know people have been curious - I've managed to find a scan of the page wherein the Dark Bakura announces that his Host's father owns the museum. This is early on in chapter 320, which will take Shonen Jump awhile to get to, unfortunatly.

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hales made it


Well, my airhead and I were talking about someone she hated and this popped into our heads. Don't you just love random YGO thoughts? I did a quick little drawing and we tried to clean it up a little bit, so forgive me if it isn't the best quality. Paint really isn't the best clean up thingy, but I hope it will do.Now I present to you...

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P.S. Thanks to everyone for liking the last piccy...
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rrrroyal rainbow!
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Ooh, sighting! :-D

I was looking at the list of all my students in my school, which was encoded into the hard drive of the school network (how I accessed it is a different story. xP) and I spotted someone with the name "MALIK" in it. OMG. D: Likemalikisinmyhighschool.

Now I have a reason to hate my school less. Er. Maybe. x)

Just sharing. Woot.