May 2nd, 2006

The Puzzle Masters!

Does anyone else have WTF?!?? moments like this?


I don't even know where this came from.  Not a clue!  My alarm clock had gone off, like, twice – with me hitting the snooze – so I was awake, more or less.  I had promised God, myself, Yami (jk) and anyone/thing else I could think of that'd I'd get up the next time the alarm sounded.


Well, as expected (read: "dreaded"), the alarm indeed went off . . . with the most bizarre, non sequitur flash of an image to date: Kaiba with a ponytail.  A little one.  The kind that would give him a really short mullet when his hair was down.  Made me think California-surfer-Kaiba, like some guy who's now in his twenties and already CEO of a major company because of an idea he had in high school and went to the Internet with, and is now uber-rich.


Anyway, just thought I'd share . . . *sweatdrop*  LOL