May 1st, 2006

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Okay... I haven't posted any drabbles in AAAAAAAAAAAGES (and I know I deserve to be shot for it, go right ahead o-o) but I HAVE TWO! and three left and I'm working on one of those right now instead of homework... so please don't hate me too much? Or kill me or at least wait til I finish, kay? Or Friday, whichever comes last. o-o;;

For: Chibipriestess
Pairing: Mariku/Malik
Rating: PG (for shounen-ai)
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For: Jurhael
Pairing: Valon/Amelda(Alister)
Rating: see above
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Left to do: Itsme_again (Ryo/Seto); heart_of_chaos (Thief King/Malik); galuxkitty (Mahaado/Mana) so I'm working on those and hope you all aren't too mad at me for the BIIIIIIG delay. ;-; *bows apologetically*
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