April 30th, 2006

got my eye on you;

Kuribo's distant cousins.

I was on Wikipedia, looking for the names of the Goombas with wings from the Super Mario series because I forgot, and this was the first thing that was on the Goomba page:

The Goomba (Japanese: クリボー; Kuribō; kuri, "chestnut", + bō, possibly meaning "people")

That, and one of the items you can use in the game is called "Kuribo's Shoe". Winged Kuribo, winged Goomba, they can totally kick your ass if they wanted to and their names relate.

So, do I sense distant cousins or what? =P
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Plea for assistance

*delurks* This is kind of un-crack-ish, but hopefully it's allowed, cuz if not, my grade's gonna suffer... XD

I just received the amazing privledge of being allowed to write a paper based on our beloved YGO for my college writing class. Huzzah! The assignment was to pick a 'pop culture phenomenon' and write about it, and since YGO's hit it pretty darn huge all over the world, I thought, oh why not?

This is where I need you, though, fellow duelists! I'm supposed to be "entering a conversation," which basically means I need input from other people to back up my own ideas. Preferably in the form of first-hand accounts. It would be of great help to me if you could tell me what it is about Yu-Gi-Oh! that strikes your fancy (besides the abundance of wonderful pairings and hawtness; those are a given :P). ESPECIALLY people who play the TCG, since that's the part of YGO that seems to get the most marketing-attention - what about it appeals to you? Is it the challenge? Meeting new people? I MUST KNOW!!!

Please and thank you! *wibbles*

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