April 27th, 2006

Sasuke Blush

Yaoi! Made you look!

We found it...Dis is for all you JoeyXKaiba fan-girls out there. Dis is our 1,2,strip. I am ta crazy Joey.
enjoy Ladies!

Warning: There is a lot of YAOI sceens.
Cosplay Idol Part 2

Our skit is the last one.
I hope you can find it! Let me know if it linked in right, (I'll fix it0 if it doesn't, my computer sucks!)

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hales made it


Okay, I was bored in class today. I mean really bored. Although later on I did like the movie...anyway...
I did a quick sketch and thought "Why not show it to you guys?" So without further ado...

Collapse )

That is all.
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