April 24th, 2006

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As long as there's no card game....

Supposedly, Cartoon Network has "discovered" a "lost season" of Captain Planet, that old show about kids saving the enviroment through elemental rings. However, one of the new episode summaries makes me wonder...

"• "101 Mutations": Wheeler's kid cousin, Joey, is devastated when his new puppy, Skippy, dies from birth defects. When Joey runs away to the puppy mill where Skippy was born, he learns first hand about the inhumane conditions that often accompany mass market pet breeding operations. What's more, this puppy mill is being run by the always atrocious Dr. Blight!

Let's see... Wheeler... Joey.... puppy?
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Question Time! 8D

I have a question for you wonderful people....haha...
It's for the Science Fair, and since a lot of people like anime and manga here...shut up, i'm half asleep and at school... I need to know:
How has anime and manga influenced your daily lives?

If you could help, that's great ^.o
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The Great Name debate

This debate is spawned by the ep I saw on Saturday, when they finally (like we didn't know it all along!) revealed our Nameless Pharaoh's name - and according to the dub, it's Atem. Now, in some places, his name has been spelt that way, and in others, it's been spelt Atemu. So I have to ask - just what is his name? *tears hair out* Is it Atem or Atemu? All answers and shootings will be much appreciated ^^;
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Looking For Something

I'm pretty sure this is okay but if not delete.

I am on a mission. I'm looking for a good Honjou, buddyshipping, icon. I can't find any. I am horrible at finding icons and Honjou isn't exactly plentiful. If anyone has any help, can you please give me some links.

Thank you guys.
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Noa Arc Question

Been lurking for a while, occassionally commenting, finally joined....

And if this has already been discussed ad nauseum, I apologize....

Did 4Kids/FuniMation ever release tapes or DVD's of the Noa Arc? Because (call me crazy if you must, just don't call me 'Hathor') it seems to me that the dub dvds jump from the last duel on the Battle Ship straight to Battle Tower/Alcatraz: do not pass go, do not get diverted to virtual reality, do not see cool eps. of Kaiba whupping Goza's flaming virtual *ss and jumping off the top of the KC building with Yugi/Yami....

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And bunny's shall inherit the earth!!!

BACKSTORY: Last week my dad's ferret Percy escaped and went a long way away before the RSPCA picked him up and we got him back.

POINT OF POST: I was at the pet store with my friend yesterday and we saw this little white lop-eared bunny, and it was so cute! So we named it Bakura! And I txt my dad saying "Can I have a bakura bunny? Please it's so cute!" and my dad said "No".

So I txt back saying "Are you sure? It's so cute! who's a little Bakura bunny, awww!" and my dad said "Alright, Percy says yes, yum yum"('cuz ferrets eat rabbits) So I said "Bakura bunny could whup the great escapees ass!"

ACTUAL POINT: If the YGO characters were animals, which would they be, and who could kick whose butt?

I *heart* my yami

here's something I hadn't noticed before.

Just wondering if anyone else noticed this - But I was reading Millennium World, volume 3, this morning. And I came across this page.

Take a good look at the top right hand panel, and notice where the thief king's hand goes.

He's talking about absorbing the power of the millennium ring, and now we see exactly what that power is. Or at least what he does with it. Takehashi, you are a pervert.
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Every wonder how a mulibilliion company runs?

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   And for some crack:
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(no subject)

Okay, this is totally random, but just how the hell did Atem survive that 100 ft. fall from the cliff?

I'm thinking Hasan rescued him, because Atemu ended up with just some minor wounds - you'd think he'd have a broken rib, or something. o_o

Oh, and was last Saturday's episode the one where Yuugi beat Bakura? I've been freaking out, because for some reason, I thought that it was the episode where Atem finally got his name.
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ygo_citylights Promo!

More than six years have passed since the Ceremonial Duel between Mutou Yuugi and Atemu, which allowed the Pharaoh's spirit to finally find the Afterlife. For those left behind, it is a challenge to resume living their lives and move forward.
Yet they do, knowing that while their lives have been changed by the events of the past, each story has a future. Once you've tangled with Fate, however, you can never truly let go.
Characters from all series still being accepted! (Duel Monsters, R!, GX, etc)
Yuugiou City Lights - A Post Series RPG
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