April 23rd, 2006


I know its already Sunday

This week's episode of Yuugioh....

Is is just me or is Yugi's voice up a few octaves.

It doesn't matter how much Zork cackles and rants, i feel sorry for him. The fact that he looks pregnant kills the idea of being evil. Just makes you think of some demented mother of a devil sort of thing. Unless Zork is like the god Atem in that one post where he impregnated himself. Demented Pregnant demon thing that everything it touches turns to stone.

I could just imagine Bakura signing the Happy Tree Friends Theme song the entire time especially while he was blocking the sun.

Yugi is a Chibi Rancher! He raises his monsters so that they grow an inch each turn.

Seto made a sarcastic comment while still having that Surprised look on his face. Bad dubbers, bad.

Marshmellon just sits there, la la la going on in its squishy head. Oh look its being sacrificed and...My Yugi what a big dragon you have.

Bakura is obsessed with dolls, he probably like to rewire them up so they can do his bidding. Imagine what he can do with a Furby.

Civilians in Egypt go "Oh Noes!!!!"

Jou and Anzu need to stop thinking out loud.

Hearing the Pharoh say "Yugi i need you" was uber cute and you couldn't help but go "awwww" But hearing Yugi scream "The Pharaoh needs me!" in that high pitched voice of his killed it.

Ok i'm done. Its 1 in the moring so i thought i should've done a comment anyhow. Night/Morning

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let's hit the road dear friend of mine。

RP pimping! :3;

Welcome to Luminary Academy! An outstanding boarding school, held on its own large estate complete with comfortable rooms, kind staff, and plush commodities, Luminary Academy the place to learn and study for the world ahead.

Or at least that's what it seems until you get there.

As you arrive to the school, which is oddly located in the middle of nowhere, you soon find out just how strange and deceitful this school really is. You soon find that all the doors and windows are barred, and strict curfews are enforced to the letter. The staff and teachers are more creepy and frightening instead of kind, holding the threat of a 'punishiment' if you so much as put a toe out of line. The 'plush commodities' are overshadowed by the haunting and gruesome air that hangs over the school. Worst of all, you're stuck here until you graduate, sneak a way out, or... die.

The choice is yours though. One way or another, you've got to survive in this new challenge of a school, or fail and find yourself locked in the dark aspects of the place you now have to call home.
Good luck.


Many characters are still open for play, and original characters are welcome!
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(no subject)

I have given up on how surprised I get when out of nowhere Yugi wins a duel. Why won't any of the bad guys just not make themselves suffer and not try to watch the demise of their opponent???? I swear that most of the duels that they lose are mostly their poor judgement...

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Join ygo_chorus!

We've got our first challenge up since the rules have changed! Anyone is welcomed to join and participate. The more participants, the better!

You can find the rules and guidelines here!

Please join and participate! ♥!

And so that this post isn't entirely pointless:

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My brain hurts...

Ehehe... I just happened to stumble upon "Kyou Kara Maou".

So... Yuuri vs Yuugi. Both have the tendency to go all Yami/Maou on the evildoers, can call forth some l33t magic powers to fight and are thrown into the strangest situations.
Anyone else see a resemblance here?

My brain thinks it could be hilarious crack to cross them. Bad brain, really.

Must remind myself that Yuuri=/=Yuugi, though even the name sounds friggin alike...

Uhm, discuss.
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Slerra - You'll never be alone
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*Roffling as we speak*

My Gawwwwd...

I'm currently watching episodes from the dub, and I'm giggling at how corny it is XD Like Ryoh - Joey just had the shite beaten out of him by Seto and what does our fave widdle albino say?

"Check his pulse, Yuugi!"

Wait..how does Joey getting his butt kicked to the floor and such conclude to Ryoh that he may be worse off than he actually is?

4kids...you're so silly XD

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tristeza v2.0

(no subject)

Gah internet too big, can anyone help me find some pics of Guardian Eatos?
Im looking for at least one of the card, and a few of Guardian itself (Some light some "Dark" winged if possable.

I tried KNK and couldn't find any, and I dont know the episode numbers with Eatos in them for others. Any help would result in glomps, luff and OMG
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my first sighting, yeey!

Just now I was rifling through my collection of old video-tapes when I came across something interesting. One of them had a little part of a todler serie on it. And guess whose voice could be heard...none other than our beloved (dutch) Ryou Bakura.

Can you imagine?

Ryou: Now children, we must solve the riddle...it has three words...the first word is: I. What could be the second and third?

Bakura: *takes over* I EAT BABIES!
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interpretive dance

The Time Is Now!

Do you dislike even the idea of Yugioh GX? Do those obnoxiously designed characters just get on your nerves? Can you not for the life of you understand what is so 'cool' about school for dueling of all things?

Well, then, you are clearly misguided :P

And therefore, we invite you to join getyourgameon, a community dedicated solely to the the Yugioh GX dub. We aim to run it similar to the beloved playthedamncard, where ideas are free to frolic and play.

Starting this week, on Cartoon Network, there will be reruns of all the dub episodes released thus far, starting from the very beginning, every weekday at 5:00pm. We kindly beg of you, if you have not yet experienced the wonderfullness, the fuzziness, the innuendo or the crack, to please give it a whirl! (there are more reasons to love the dub on our userinfo page)

Hope to see you there! GET YOUR GAME ON! ^_^
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