April 20th, 2006

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Yuugiou: Endless Road

ygo_endlessroad : A post-series Yuugiou RPG

My road starts and ends with you. : This is our endless road.
Life is a road that has infinite twists, forks, and turns. Every person travels this road, either alone or beside others. Roads will intertwine, join for a time, and eventually break off. What happens to each life as those roads separate, and is it possible for them to join again?

In the quest for his memories, the pharaoh's spirit defeated the dark god Zork and put an end to the spirit of the tomb robber, Bakura, before eventually moving onto his own afterlife. But the young pharaoh, as well as the tomb robber, had also lived within the modern world and had also joined the paths of others. How does a person's spirit rest, knowing that there are others to be with - knowing that there is another place where he could very well belong?

The road of life does not always end with death. And so Atemu and Bakura each begin a journey, from different points of origin, towards a similar goal.

Meanwhile, in Domino City, lives have gone on after the departure of the two ancient spirits. While some may dwell on thoughts of the past, their life journeys still continue on. Where do their roads lead them? Will they find happiness and contentment, or will they fall into despair and hopeless abandon?

Mutou Yuugi and his friends have all gone on as best as they can, and with the final year of high school coming up, it may be that thinking of the past is the last thing on his - or anyone's - mind. But if the past were to come back to haunt him, and his friends, once again, could it be too little, too late?

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