April 16th, 2006

Ore no Nihonkai cover

Did I dream this...??

I seem to recall when the Overlap OP came out, there was a video clip of Kimeru performing it live somewhere. Did I dream that, or was there such a thing, and if there is, does any one know where I might find it now? I checked a likely place, and didn't find what I'm sure I saw.

Mizu is stupid because she forgot Overlap was the OP, not the ED. >.
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Cool [DS] [Protag]

Another Random YGO Sighting. This time, in Mario.

So I'm reading my Game Informer, ya? And I turn to the quiz. I'm like: "Okay, nice quiz, ooh, I know this one."

And then I get to Question 9.

9 What is the only level of Super Mario Brothers 3 where you can find the rare Kuribo's shoe item?
A. 5-1
B. 5-2
C. 5-3
D. 5-4

The answer is apparently C. 5-3.
So I do my research.

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Odd, no? Kuriboh has footwear.
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cream puffs

random ygo sighting

I was at church this morning, since my family is Catholic and it's Easter Sunday. The priest is going over the list of sick people who we're supposed to be praying for. And I kid you not -

One of them had the last name, Bakura.

I just about died hearing that.
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He sleeps with Boyz

Yami no Yuugi, sleeps with boys, and it was with this in mind that I decided to draw this picture.

Beware it's a pretty big picture, and it's really rough, I'd just pencilled it and I'm lazy with me greyscale colouring.

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Rabid Fan Girl??

Hello~~ I don't post here a lot so I'm guessing almost no one knows me ^^ This is kind of a long shot but does anyone know where I can find a post about this crazy rabid fan girl? It was posted in a Yu-Gi-Oh! community a long time ago (I'm not sure if it's this one or yugi_fans) and it's about this girl who's OBSESSED with Ryou. So obsessed that she thinks that he actually exists and she says that she and Ryou got married and had kids O_o;;; But then... somehow... Ryou decided to divorce the crazyrabidfan and the crazyrabidfan was left crying in the girl's room of her school... something like that O_O

This was posted a HECK of a long time ago and I have no idea why I suddenly thought of this now (probably because I caught a bad fever/cold/sickness/whatever and my brain cells are exploding) but I want to read it again~~~ I searched everywhere for it, using LJSeek, the interest search thing and even the community's archives (that was just hell, I'm tellin' ya, HELL!)

This seems off topic so here are some random YGO! related stuff! (Sorry, it's not cracktastic T_T)

My family and I were waiting in line in a restaurant, and the place was too stuffy so I went outside. I saw a sign that said, "KAIBA RESTAURANT. WE HAVE THE BEST FISH BALLS IN THE WORLD!" Fish balls... interesting... O_.

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