April 15th, 2006


*snort* YuGiOh! has infiltrated our radio.

So lovely!

I was listening to the local radio-station this afternoon. Totally boring, the mods were talking about soccer (or is it football? - 22 people running after a black and white ball, you know what I mean) and this guy droned on and on and on... and suddenly the other mod seems to get bored by the constant geektalk as well and says:
"Oh, shut up already, or I'll send you to the graveyard!"
*Silence for about three seconds*
"Nope. I'll reveal my trap card! Counterattack!"

Is that funky or what? Those mods shall be my idols forever. YGO-love life on air! Yaaay!
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got my eye on you;

PTDC Themesong v.2?

'kay, I know somebody else already recorded the themesong (wonderfully might I add), but because of the fact I had Good Friday off, had nothing to do, and dad needed to start getting the hang of using Cubase, I recorded it.

We have myself playing guitar and singing, and dad's playing bass.

Please forgive the first two chords; they sound pooey.

Edit: YSI version, just in case.

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Shameless Advertising

If this isn't appropriate, mods, feel free to delete it.

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*iz a geniuz*

(no subject)

All right, as of today I now have broadband internet, and I'm not just posting about it because I'm all giddy and have to tell the world. There is a point to this. See, those of you who subscribe to Shonen Jump might remember. I think it was year or two back they packaged a demo for Yu-Gi-Oh Online in one of the issues. Since it required a broadband connection, I never even bothered breaking the seal on the little paper sleeve. But, since now I do have the connection I'm eying the silly thing. I always liked the Power of Chaos games on the PC (although out of all of the YGO video games I've tried, Nightmare Troubador is still my favourite), and I wouldn't mind getting my ass handed to me by playing against an actual person for once. My main qualm is that it's probably populated with small children. Which, leads to my question to pose to you fine people.

Does anyone around here actually play it? Or, hell, do you guys even know if anyone over the age of 12 actually plays it, or if installing it would be just a complete waste of my time. (although, ultimately, it may all be moot because I don't even know if the demo is any good still ^^)