April 12th, 2006


Capsule Monsters release, a question and general cluelessness

*waves at the few Germans in the comm*

Anyone got the Animexx newsletter?

Mehr Yu-Gi-Oh! auf RTL II

Nach dem Ende der Erstausstrahlung von "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX" zeigt RTL II voraussichtlich ab Montag, dem 8. Mai 2006 auf dem Sendeplatz um 15:40 Uhr zwölf neue, noch nicht gesendete Episoden der Serie "Yu-Gi-Oh!". Dabei
handelt es sich um die von 4kids in den USA produzierte Staffel "Capsule Monsters".

Translation for the non-Germans (because I feel so much better with everyone knowing what I'm talking about, yes, I'm a dork XD)

More Yu-Gi-Oh! on RTL2 (our trusted YGO-TV-station ^^)

After the ending of "Yu-Gi-Oh GX" RTL2 will presumably be airing twelve brand-new and still unaired episodes of the series "Yu-Gi-Oh", starting Monday, May 8th, 2006, 3:40pm. They (the eps) are the season of "Capsule Monsters" which has been produced by 4Kids in the USA.

(*does a little happy dance* Err, nevermind, I'm coming to the topic ^//^)

Well, I guess you can all be glad now. Animexx is known to release pretty good information about airing dates, and I guess we'll start only AFTER the eps are aired in the US. (We'll probably catch up fast, though because they're aired daily, not on weekends.)

What throws me over is the "US production" bit. Have I missed something? Is it really 'made in America'? (the style sure is near identical to the other seasons...) Or are they refering to the 'Hey, our DUB is yet again based on the American one and we're using the f***ing censored material, too, teehee!' bit?
I wonder...

And on a completly unrelated note: Does anyone know where I can get the SUB episodes 24 and 29 with Yugi and Yami coming to terms while duelling Seto/Mai in the Duelist Kingdom Arc? I totally want to make references to that dialouge in a fanfic of mine, but the Dub sucks completely there. *le sigh*

That's it. Have a nice day! ^^
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PTDC theme song...?

Okay. So we all remember the wonderful Play The Damn Card Theme Song lil_bishie posted a while ago? Well... I was caffeinated enough to actually make a recording of it. And I thought it would be a nice first post here, since I've only been commenting. Well, this may turn out to be a good idea... or not >_<

Warnings: I usually sing classical music. I have no idea how to do pop-ish stuff. And it kind of shows. Also. I tried to get rid of my Hungarian accent, but... well. Just try listening to it. X_x

I will hide and wait if I get bricked for this or not. >.> Megaupload link to the song here.

ETA: Now all we need is an AMV or a PV for it...
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