April 8th, 2006

Moonlit Sillouhette


...waaaaaaaaait a second waitasecondwaitasecond. Did I just see that right?

Was there just a flashback of Honda (Tristan) running up to Bakura, saying "This is for the Pharoah" and trying to PUNCH HIM IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD?!

I leave this series alone for like, two seasons, and I come back to that? Ohh man XDDD I think something in my soul just peed a little.

Also, how great would it be if the Pharoah's name was, like, Tad? XDDDDDDD

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Wow. Just...wow.

Zorc: FEAR ME! For my lower half is an infanite blob of DOOM!

Did anybody besides me noticed that? XD

Oh, and did anybody else notice that in one frame, Kisara was covered in a blanket, and in the next, she wasn't?

And what was with the glowing? We could've done without that, thank you very much. T_T

Other than those things (plus Shada's lame death scene), the episode was reasonably good.

And I made a icon to go with it!

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MARSHMELLOW GLASSES ARE TEH SEX!!! (i'm sorry capslock)

Today's episode for some reason reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, i blame it on the marshmallow thing and it's classes.

- It's an upside down jellybean-marshmallow thingy with a face and teeth as well. Makes you want to go up and SQUISH it for hours, it also turns into pink powder stuff for a second when you cut it!

- We now know that Kaiba also not only believes in Holograms, but Dreams as well.

- I feel sorry for Zork because he can't see his feet anymore. (i screamed "help me i'm pregnant, pregnant~!" while Solomon was talking)

- Joey thinks he is funny with marshmallows but he really isn't.

- People never die in the cool dramatic way anymore. It's just glow, poof.

Now i can't remember anymore but its all crack. I could say more but my brain is numb.
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