April 7th, 2006




I was just admiring some clip that someone posted kindly where someone had over dubbed a clip and I thought, man that's so funny, we should have like a dubbing contest between a whole bunch of YGO fans (the crazy kind, like the ones on here...no offense) on one preselected clip. So I posted the contest/more info on here: http://community.livejournal.com/ygo_radio/3650.html

Anyone can enter, and if the people/mods at Ptdc say it's alright I can post a link to the winning dub here, cos it's not as if there aren't a tonne of you guys who aren't so amused by fandub and I know the people on this comm do be especially random and I believe many people on this comm have won the internet and life so you'd be good at it. So yeah. I'm sorry if I've broken any rules or something *panicked look* but it said I can promote if I desperately feel the need to!... and it's not really promoting, it's more like challenging. ^^;
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