April 5th, 2006

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It's an anime RPG!

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Welcome you people to "Banana Pancake", the multi-fandom RPG staged like a reality TV show. Now, you may be asking yourself why on earth it's called Banana Pancakes. You may ALSO be wondering what exactly 'staged like a reality TV show' means. I'm afraid you don't get the answer to the first question, BUT, what does it mean to be a multifandom animanga RPG playing out like some cheap reality show? Thank you for your concern, now..think "Real World" meets "Drawn Together". A group of totally unrelated characters is shuffled together in a little house to live happily ever after like a loving family. Characters will be faced with daily challenges such as chores, getting along, and not burning breakfast, as well as bigger set-up missions from the men mods behind the curtain. Friendships will be formed, fights will be fought, tears shed, and laughter spent a-plenty. Drama, suspense, and bucketfuls of crack are to ensue, so pack your bags, strap yourself in, and help yourself to a big heaping plate of banana pancakes.

First post? X_X Gah, don't eat meh!

The reason I posted this here was actually for this girl who also liked Yuugi/Kisara. o.O

Title: Unbelievable

Fandom: YGO

Author: gothatheartholo

Pairing: AtemuxYuugi implications and Yuugi/Kisara implications (because, I’m killing two birds with one stone. /smile/)

Disclaimer: Don’t own it.

Summary: It was unbelievable…he had a different reason for dueling…yet despite everything else…

A/N: This one’s been bugging me in my emo moments. It must be written. I was listening to so3’s music and Dir En Grey. /angst angst/ This also takes place after the YGO series.

This is slightly AU, lest I screwed up canon somehow because I know I probably screwed it up.

Mehehe, click on the link...
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