April 4th, 2006

[Sex Puppy] -=- [Made by aki_hana; DO NO


WHOMFBBQFGODS. (Whoaho, oh my facking barbecued flavored god snacks.)

Am I the only person here who went completely insane after seeing Pegasus (okay, seeing Pegasus from the top of his head down to about two inches past his shoulders on a television set) on Yu-Gi-Oh! Generation X today? I shouted, squeed, jumped up and down, then ran up to my television and hugged it tightly.

You absolutely MUST comment on this if you did the same thing, or something similar. D:


And zomg, did Crowler just use 'licious' in a sentence?

And, and, Jaden just said: "REMEMBER LAST NIGHT, CHUMLEY?"

...Weird pairing, ew. [/Edit]
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