March 25th, 2006

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I need some help on this one.
As I was lying in bed half-awake this morning, this went through my mind.
Wicked Witch of the West...vs. Glinda...haha, Bakura and Atem!
I don't quite get it. Can barely follow my own thoughts these days. Maybe at one point Egypt invaded munchkin land and melted the Yellow Brick Road to make the Millenium Items...?
I dunno, any ideas?
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So I'm watching "Princess Mononoke" on Cartoon Network, and on the computer at the same time. I happen to hear "Flame Wingman" and I turn to see...
GX ACTION FIGURES! best things evar...I want some XD
My mom laughed when I squealed at the TV ;_;

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Hey, guys! I'm feeling really bored and creative, so I've decided to expend all that creativeness here!

How, you ask?

I'm taking drabble requests! You pick your favorite YGO! pairing, and I'll write a quick, one-shot paragraph about it.

So...I'm up for doing at least 5 this first week. Does anybody want one?
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