March 24th, 2006


Bakura = Pineapple?

Well, I was reading the entries here and the one about the Bakura Bug reminded me of something I drew up just the other night.

I was talking to my friend tatteredraven and, I have no idea how, we started talking about Bakura and pineapples or something and I said that Bakura might be equal to a crazy pineapple.

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Kaiba is Jo-Anne?

Jo-Anne from Rent reminds me of Kaiba. Kinda weird as I love Jo-Anne and only like Kaiba because he's Mokuba's brother.

Random observation from the verse from "Take Me or Leave Me":

"I look before I leap,
I like margins and discipline,
I make lists in my sleep...
I hate this but I love you,
What to do with my impromptu baby."

*beats down the fact that Maureen and Jo-Anne reminds her of KaiJou*
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Squirrely Wrath


..I've only got myself to blame for this one.. XD

In my first post I said I got bitten by the Bakura bug.. I now give you the Bakura!Bug.

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I only seem to post when I have art to showoff XD

I'll most probably end up being a kinda lurker that posts sometimes XD Who knows..*BRICKED*
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