March 23rd, 2006

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in the rules-section it said that when felt the 'blinding-irresistible need' one may promote. I have reached that level. I come begging humbly for some contructive critisism for my fanfiction. Or, if there is a better place my foggy mind can't think of, redirect me to a ygo community (a living one, mind you) where I can go and beg for it, since I seem to be unable to find one.

Anyway, here's the linkey-link:

Be afraid, be very afraid....its a vamp!fic, with human!Ryou and Vampire!Bakura, and Bat is slightly based on the books by 'Darren Shan'.

*crawls back in dark corner*
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Yuugiou Romance Novel!

My dears,
I bring you Personalized Vampire Book - - 170-page vampire romance novel starring you & your beloved..

Basically, it is Make your own Yuugiou Romance Novel! What makes it better is that it is a Vampire fic. So... I went to the excerpt section and I made this lovely.

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I missed spelled Thief on purpose. They didn't have Bakura's eye color, so I used his Yuugiou: Shadow Games eye color. It is so amusing on so many levels.