March 21st, 2006

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Maliiiiiiiik. *pulls hair out*

... Right. =| I've been somewhat lost on this for a while.

How the hell is "Malik" pronounced? .___.;;

I've always pronounced it like "MAL-ick", 'cause from what little I've heard of the Japanese version, that's what it sounds like to me - they seem to put emphasis on the "MAL". The majority of my RL friends who don't use the dub names say it that way too.

Yet on every other TV show or movie I've seen, the name is pronounced like "muh-LEEK". And I had a girl at a con snap at me for pronouncing it the former way instead of the latter, and I felt stupid. ;;;;

And I have a few friends who pronounce it like "MOLL-ick"... *headdesk*

Someone help me out here? ;; How do you guys pronounce it? And which is the right way? DX

Of course, I could just make it easier on myself by using "Marik", but then I would probably get smacked by people.
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Question on GX 76

Hey guys. Saw GX 76 the other day just because I'm an insane Kaiba fangirl who needs her fix. I've tried keeping up with GX in the past, particularly while it was just starting up on CN, but I fell behind and now I'm very lost. Disappointing too since I adore Asuka's brother.

Anywhoo, during 76, I noticed Kaiba granting permission to use Kaibaland to what appeared to be another villain-wannabe. Again, I don't watch GX so I don't know many characters. I was just hoping someone could give me an explanation on why Kaiba would allow the use of his and Mokuba's precious theme park to anyone. I like, in my fantasy world, to believe Kaiba matured even the smallest bit since Duel Monsters.