March 18th, 2006


Teeheehee. Vampires. *snigger*

Alright. Yeah I know. It's weird. I have a soft spot for good supernatural reading and since there seemed to be so much... (it goes with the rule. No fandom without a vampire!AU) I tried to find some for the YuGiOh! fandom.

And there are quite a lot of them out there, good and bad ones, sure. But since the evil plotbunnies bit me and I'm a dork I'm currently trying to write a vampire!AU for YGO of my own - but I'm aiming for one that doesn't tend to the stereotypical plot and clichés so often found in those stories.

So if you want to help me writing a bit better, I'd very much appreciate if you were to name the first three blatant clichés you expect in a vampire!fanfic. And perhaps one or two things that "are a must" in the same.

Hey, to make my request sweeter and because otherwise I feel like spamming have a pretty puzzleshipping cliché-vampire pic I sketched the other day when I was trying to escape grandmas afternoon-telenovela and thinking about the topic. (Drawing works better than earplugs for me, I swear)

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Uhm, that is all. I'm going to hide from the bricks and stakes and torches now. Yeah. *stumbles off*
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Canon or fanon?

My apologies if this has been posted before, but something's been puzzling me about the series (no pun intended) since I entered the fandom three years ago:

Is the use of the word 'hikari' to describe Yugi canon or fanon? I haven't seen every last episode in Japanese; does Atemu refer to Yugi as his 'hikari' at any point in the series, or is it purely fanon?
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Pirates or ninjas?

Ah, the age old debate. If the cast of Yu-Gi-Oh! were by some chance arguing about this, which side would the characters take? My thinking would be something like this:

Jounouchi: pirate
Honda: pirate
Mai: pirate
Kaiba: ninja
Yami Bakura: both. Pirate for the treasure, ninja for the sneaking around in the shadows
Pegasus: I don't know, but either way results with my brain breaking.

And before I forget, I have a question. Does anyone happen to know how Thief King (what's the other name for him?) got that scar on his face? Well ok...that was two questions.
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Has anyone mentioned this?
Everyone's quite familiar with Kaiba's BEWD Jet, I assume. What if the rest of the gang caught on with the trend? I can easily see Atem's car...
"What's that, Yugi? Bakura's stealing souls again? Quick, to the Kuriboh-mobile!"

Just needed to get that out of my system.