March 16th, 2006

YGO Sighting! Sorta...

So, a few evenings ago, my boyfriend and I were out seeing a movie for our anniversary and we chose 16 Blocks with Bruce Willis. It was an odd choice for the both of us, 'cause we're into comedies but it paid off in the long run.

Half way into the movie, the two main characters are trapped in an old Chinese man's appartment. One of the main characters starts talking with the Chinese man about cartoons. Most of the time the Chinese man's all "WTF?" until the other guy mentions one cartoon. Then, the Chinese man get's all excited and starts nodding his head like it was the best cartoon in the world.

What was that cartoon? Why, our beloved Yuugiou, of course. :|

Upon hearing that, I collapsed in a fit of silent giggles while my boyfriend laughed at me for my sheer fangirlishness. Aw, it was great. xD

Later, we discussed whether it was an attempt by the studio (WB, I think) to promote YGO more... Subliminal messaging or something. Although, if they are, I think they're aiming for the wrong audiance...
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