March 14th, 2006

azureshipping - back to back

Gospel of Truth scanlations

Okay, so I finally decided to get this project going. Some of you may remember that I've translated pieces of the Yu-Gi-Oh Character Guide: Gospel of Truth. Now I'm planning on scanlating it, but doing it alone will take a very long time and a lot of work. So here I am, asking for help. If you have any experience working with a scanlation group, you probably already know what I'm looking for. If not, that's okay too! I welcome people who just want to spread the info!

* Scanners - people who, if by some rare chance, have the Gospel of Truth (otherwise I'll be the only scanner) and a good image editing program, such as Photoshop or Paintshop Pro.
* Editors - people who have the image editing program we use, for image editing (placement of speech bubbles, touching up of color/contrast etc. For text editors, people that review the translators' work and see if everything makes sense/translates properly. Editors may also need need the ability to view/type in Japanese, where the translators need it.
* Translators - the backbone of the project. The people that look at the original Japanese scanned images and translate them. Best if they already have the image editing program; if not, they can type up a text file including the original Japanese text with a roughly English translation (that makes sense). The latter would require a system that can view/type Japanese, such as the Windows Japanese IME.
* Promoters - people that announce the finished product everywhere.
* Web-Page Managers - people interested in helping with the web page. Design experience a must, knowledge of creating Torrents and compressed files (ZIP/RAR) preferred.

We currently have a very basic, single-page site up at When the project gets underway, the site will become more fleshed out, and will also include Direct Downloads to our files (in ZIP and/or RAR format) and also Torrents, so that you can spread the YGO joy using your favorite BitTorrent client.

Head on over to souten_scans to join up! I'd like to get started as soon as possible. The LJ community will be the place where almost everything happens and people communicate, especially if some people are not available on instant messenger, or if their email has small sending requirements (under 10MB).

Tell others, and pass it along!
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YGO chess like whoa

I'm a chess geek by nature, so when I go into the club in a rather YGO-esque mood, I have to act in the following ways:

* Everytime I make a move, I yell it in a dramatic fashion. "I PLAY THIS PAWN!"
* Addressing the president as pharaoh.
* Informing a kid who hates, "Pharaoh," that he is, "Bakura like whoa."
* Singing the horrible dub opening everytime it's someone else's turn.

Anyone else do this sort of thing?
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