March 13th, 2006

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Just throwing this out here because I just wrote it as part of a challenge and I think some of you guys may enjoy it! I also want to add as a sidenote: that I haven't yet seen all the eps, but it should not contradict anything...I hope!

Disclaimer: Not mine, blah blah... and for the record I have no money...

Seto's Sacrifice
Godwin Ikari

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Good people, I have a request for you: I am in need of Yuugiou sprites, and there is a momumental lack of spritely goodness on the Web.

Now: I'm looking for Game Sprites only I am perfectally capable of making my own, as I'm sure you all are, but I'd like to stick to the games so I can get a consistancy. I have a small sprite sheet from 7 Trials, but it only provides Yuugi, Jou and Honda. I need sprites of Yuugi and of Bakura from the same game [7 Trials, DBT, Nightmare Troubadour, ect]. I know there's plenty of Yuugiou games that use sprites, but I lack most of them personally, and Nintendo has apparenly stolen my GBA in order to get me to buy a DS.

If anyone has sprite sheets, knows where some are, or can rip them, please let me know. You will be rewarded with quirky mini-comics ♥

Bus conversations

Today on the bus, we had a very interesting conversation about piercings in Ancient Egypt (they used snakes!) and the pyramids being built for Ancient Egyptian cellphone reception...

Atem with a piercing and AE cellphone...