March 12th, 2006

Doctor Who: OT3

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So...does anyone know when Kids WB will be playing more Yuugiou? I miss my crack. My browser does not like the KWB website, so I cannot see their schedule. .__.

And if it IS playing right now, at what time is it? I really hope it doesn't end up at 7 am (CST) again. Maybe small children like being up that early, but I am old and frail and need my sleep. Yes.

I've forgotten what Malik's dub voice sound like. ;_;'s a testament to how much I need me some Ancient Egypt that I can't think of anything more to say.
Nightmare Troubadour = brilliance

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One simple question suddenly came to mind while idly poking at the GX GBA game.....

Why does every single YGO video game in existence have to have some of the worst translation ever. Although so far I haven't seen anything quite as insanely out there as some of the translation in Nightmare Troubadour. But still, holy hell. (for some reason I had to grab a screencap of that one in particular. It really struck me as amusing)

Er. That is all.


Brand-spankin' new RPG! Just starting out!!!

...uh, yeah.


There are a lot (6,902 and a half -- I counted) of multi-fandom high school RPGs out there. What makes this one so special? Well, you see, that's just it. This RP is special. No, really. It is. If it were a person, it would take the short bus. As it is, think of this as The Ghetto School in the world of high school RPGs.

You'll still find love and loyalty, courage and devotion, excitement and danger, and angst over shit that actually matters. It's just that you'll also find people toking up in the bathrooms as a regular occurance, the class clown drinking from the toilet bowl, people staging fights in the lunchroom and half the staff not really giving a shit, students sharing learning materials because the poor school always get fucked over like that, and angst over shit that, really, is not going to matter even remotely next Tuesday.

Also, we give you candy if you join.

This is a big deal, guys. Crappy-Ass Public High School doesn't have the budget to just go giving out candy when-the-fuck-ever, yanno?
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