March 9th, 2006

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Blue Fairy?

Okay, what is the new of that little blue fairy duel monster? The one that showed Jou, Mokuba and Yugi where to go in the Virtual World. What is the new of that monster? Its blue and has a bell on her head. That one.

For a fanfiction. May or may not come up.
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Atemu VS Ted

This really has nothing to do with YGO, but I'm easy to amuse. ^_^;

Years ago I got a spiffy game from my grandpa called "Pharaoh." Me and my cousin became nuts and played it everyday until I finally moved away. My old compy died a few years back and I got my new computer Ted. (yes, I named my compy) Well, randomly tonight I found my "Pharaoh" game again and thought it be cool to load it up and play again. began!

I had to fight with Ted to get him to download the game and finally I got it to work and watched the awesome opening movie. Ted starts making a humming sound but I continue. I started the game and of course I picked Atemu to be my name and started to make my city. And that's when Ted started to be REALLY loud and I got worried so I quit the game before Ted became a fire ball of death.

Ted 1
Atemu 0

Looks like our poor pharaoh just got another rival. XD Poor 'Temu.
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So today, we were outside because the younger kids were testing, and Logan was "posing" for my friend Jordan, who had her camera, and, well....
He looked like Kaiba.
Seriously, he did that hip-thrust thingy that fiercely reminded me of Kaiba.
I'll post the picture when Jordan sends it to me. xD