March 6th, 2006

Jigglypuff - Confirmed for AWESOME!

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Don't ask me where the idea came from. I'm not quite sure I know. One thing I'm certain however,is that I feel it must be asked.

1. Who would win in a dodgeball game between all of the Yuugiou characters?

And, for a little community interaction...

2. Pick any duel in the series. Substitute dodgeballs for cards. Better,or worse?
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guitar-akime hime

YGO sighting! 0.0

I was fiercely reminded of yugioh today. A friend of mine is making me read all the harry potter books because I made her read the entire animorphs series, and I came across something in book six that made me squeal like the rabid fangirl I am. It's when Slughorn is talking to Voldemort about Horcruxes, and he says that a horcrux is when you seal part of your soul into an object. Three guesses as to who I thought of right there (if you guessed bakura then I'll bake you digital poptarts ^_^) And then, just a few lines below that, he said something like "but wouldn't it be better to seal yourself into seven items?" I repeat, SEVEN ITEMS. At this point I had a fangirl overload, blacked out, then woke up to tell you wonderful people ^_^
My point? Voldemort is possessing the millenium items!! Fear, muggle duelists!
Or possibly that Bakura and Voldemort are the same person, I'm not sure which theory to go with ^_^ Both are remarkably pale, so it could work XD
guitar-akime hime

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Hi! Sorry for the semi-pointless and crackless post, but I am in dire need of advice. I'm planning on making the millenium items (for no purpose other than my own amusement) and I have no clue what to make them out of (I tried to the whole "souls of 99 criminals" but didnt end well. And now I'm not allowed in or near the state correctional bad.) I figured you guys might have some good ideas, since several of you have probably tried this, as crack-dependent minds think alike, so I'de really love your input. Thanks!

Be careful what you post with...

Earlier today, I was perusing the yaoi_daily posts, and found one post I found particurally *cough* interesting. I made an off hand comment on the post, but failed to notice (at first) that I used this icon:

The following conversation insued:

origamigryphon: *does a double take at your icon, blinks and squeeeals in laughter* XD I loooove it X3

lavaliere (me): Well, you'd think with all the leather and bondage jewelry, he'd be the type... xDD

shiftercat: My husband has some of the Yu-Gi-Oh computer games. Yugi made some interesting noises whenever he took a hit. And if I happened to be in the room while he was playing, my husband, sweet guy that he is, would reply to these sounds with, "Take it, bondage boy!"

lavaliere: Your husband sounds awesome. xD

(shiftercat's husband is officially my hero, by the way. xD)
It's all here, but is flocked to yaoi_daily members due to the... *cough* graphic nature. xD
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