March 4th, 2006

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...he's got a frickin' MARINE LAB too?!

Okay, for those who don't know, I work at one of the libraries at Florida State University. Recently the Turkey Point Marine Lab closed its library collection and sent everything to my place of work (Dirac Science Library). Today I was trying to finalize the cataloging on my end, which is to look up the call numbers and see if there is a copy already in Dirac or if it was only at Turkey Point.

I located this when I typed in one of the call numbers. Note the title.

Yes, I laughed. Out loud. To the confusion of my coworkers (explained away as "Sorry, just remembered something I needed to do").

I dare someone to make an icon with that title as the text. Really. I'll love you forever.
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First Fanart Post

Um... hi. This is my first post here. I just thought that since I made YGO fanart and I really wanted people's comments on how I'm doing them, I'd like to post the link here. There are quite a handful, so I thought I'd just give the general link. It's in my deviation gallery.

Please do take a look and comment. Thank you.

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azureshipping - back to back

The card that came from nowhere

Okay, so some people might know that I write fanfics. That's a minor detail in the grand scheme of things. I'm writing a fanfic that currently deals with the plot of the Yu-Gi-Oh movie, and Yami no Yuugi's duel with Anubis is one of the most convoluted I've ever seen. Here's the bit that I'm stuck on:

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Shameless self-plugging *shhh*

Hiya there!

I'm home and bored and since this is a very dangerous combination, I decided to update some of my pencil-sketches about YGO-goodness. There's two cracky puzzleshipping chibi-pics at my journal rena_lime right now. (Beware, one of them is old.)
I dare you to go and have a look.

Perhaps more to come if I get to steal the scanner back from my sister tonight.

That is all.
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hales made it

O.O I need to breathe...

OMG...I was not expecting this, but it is great!
Yu-Gi-Oh! as Link

But I realized something...
Bakura = Thief King
Ganondorf = Thief King
The problem:
Bakura = *wibbles* a smex god!
Ganondorf =...*goes to kill herself*
For the record I like Ganondorf, he is a crafty "bad guy", but he is just not the awesomeness of Bakura sama, especialy in looks *runs before she can be killed*.
P.S. I know Bakura isn't in this, but I had to say it.
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Little Tease --yummynummyicons

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=D WHOOOO~! ICONS!! =O it's a new community, like, two posts new XD so... um, not much is there, but it'd ne nice to be friended! =D

Here's a teaser: 

=D Please remember to credit and comment and all that awesome jazz.

The rest can be found at yami_no_icons

>.> NOT crossposted like the mother. >D


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